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The Grand River is one of the very few rivers qualified for the designation of “Scenic & Wild” by the Department of Natural Resources. The river flows through two Northeast Ohio counties, Lake and Ashtabula. In Ashtabula County its winding course takes you through beautiful wooded areas and some farmland. In Lake County, it flows through a deep gorge of breath-taking beauty. Its banks are abundant with wildlife throughout its 90 miles of scenic grandeur. Such specimens as fox, raccoon, beaver, white-tailed deer, wood duck, blue heron, and even the emblem of our country—the now rare, but famous, Bald Eagle, have been observed from its waters.

Along with the scenic beauty and wildlife, it is also a favorite spot for fishermen of the area who pull out many bass, walleye, and even some muskellunge. The fishing is excellent in some areas that are accessible only to canoes.

History has its mark along the Grand also. As its unpolluted waters will take you under some historic wooden bridges (some still in use) built over a hundred years ago and featured on postcards of Northeast Ohio. It was also a route for the Indians of the area, as one can observe from a mound at Indian Point Metropolitan Park in Lake County.

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